In The Blood

AAshare-176024Welcome to my current project: In The Blood, A Story Of A Young Farmer. I’ll be documenting the life of Andrew Albert as he faces a record wet spring, a collapsing farm existence, and countless other reasons causing one to ask, “How and why do farmers do this?” I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into prior to beginning the story, but I have been embraced by the crew with only friendliness and trust. It’s been a complete joy to see this story unfold for the short time it’s been and I hope you choose to support and follow along. You can stay updated by following me here, on  Instagram or Facebook.


Updated Chronological Order Of Chapters

  1. In The Blood, 1953
  2. In The Blood, Farmer Vs. Developer
  3. In The Blood, No Lone Wolves
  4. In The Blood, 20/20In The Blood, “This Is Farming”
  5. In The Blood, Silence
  6. In The Blood, Weatherman
  7. In The Blood, Change of Plans
  8. In The Blood, Record Rain
  9. In The Blood, Band of Brothers
  10. In The Blood, Shit Faced