In The Blood, Weatherman


Andrew checks his weather app while listening to the weather forecast. “What a beautiful day today everybody! We hope you’re enjoying it ’cause it’s the last break of rain for a while.” the weather man says over the old raspy stereo. 

“Well… That’s depressing.” Andrew says to himself. It was the first time seeing Andrew sink – even for just the second it was. I felt this anger at the newscaster – I guess for not considering the farmer on the other end having no one to blame but the weather. “Don’t sound so chipper, you asshole.” I thought to myself while snapping this photo and keeping my distance. As quick as I got the shot, Andrew was up and ready to get back at it. “Hey Brian, do you think we can drill a hole in the floor and run the hose down from the keg?” 


“Is it drying out over there?” Kyle asks over the radio. He’s in a tractor about 100 yards away. “It is but it needs another day I think to be really right for planting.” You could feel the urge to jump the gun in Andrew’s voice. “Yea… It’s still pretty wet out here.” Kyle says. “It’s alright. You’re doing a great job. Just try and focus on getting all the rough spots leveled. At least it will be worth it for that.”

Andrew later explains to me the insurance of turning over dirt provides. Each time you do it, you smooth out the land more and more. The smoother the land, the easier the mow.

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