In The Blood, Shit Faced

AAshare-51The scene before separating a herd of cattle.


AAshare-50This shot was meant to be a joke, then the calf looked straight into my lens. If only it knew it was heading to a beautiful green pasture. 


AAshare-171477AAshare-171552“Ryan [middle] is such a good guy to work with that if I end up not making any money, just working with him is… like I said, ‘some deals you win some deals you lose’… I’m doing so much stuff with Ryan now that cattle may not be a winner for me now but other stuff I’ll be doing with him will be. You have to have the right mentality to realize that every deal isn’t a winner but in the big picture, it is. It’s a great relationship to have.” Andrew’s farm once being a dairy farm, he hosts Ryan’s cattle. It’s hard to find proper, affordable facilities to keep cattle, especially in the winter. Because the farm is equipped with shelter and a big concrete slab ensuring sure-footing and warmth, Andrew and Ryan’s partnership makes all the more sense.


AAshare-55Marshall got shit faced with a concoction of mud, dung, and urine. The result of a rebel calf.

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