In The Blood, No Lone Wolves

AAshare-12A sunny day between two weeks of rain means catching up on the more menial tasks. The atmosphere feels like a wound-up car awaiting the release of the hand holding it still. 



“Matt! You’re more than welcomed to eat your lunch in here.” Andrew yelled from the porch of his temporary home. They’re restoring the original farm house. Perfect timing as they have their first child on the way. 

Andrew said he was going to grab a quick lunch before heading back to the grind. His bluetooth still on his right ear, he gets a call from a field hand about the wet fields. He scarfs his food down while strategizes the next week. It was as if he does this everyday… 


Andrew inspects his manure tanker (known on the farm as the shitter) he lent to his friend Jeremy down the way who operates one of Western Washington’s largest dairy farms. Andrew keeps Jeremy’s dairy cows well fed and Jeremy provides Andrew with fresh manure – a great nutrient source for hay. 

“With the new ways of doing things and more efficient ways… Maybe we’re just young and dumb… We have a different mentality. […] Today, ya know, it’s more like ‘we’re in this together.’ Everybody needs to make money. Any deal I make, I don’t wanna be the only guy making money. If everyone is making money, everyone has money… It’s just a good situation. That’s how Jeremy is and that’s how most young farmers are. It’s just easier to work with people than try and out smart’em and try and one up’em on a deal ’cause you may lose on one deal but the next one you win. What goes around comes around.” – Andrew

Farmers seem to operate with the best of a wolf’s mentality. It takes a pack to survive this industry. The lone wolves starve. 

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