In The Blood, Farmer Vs. Developer


Washington State has given up 570,000 acres of farmland in the past 10 years. In America, we lose about 40 acres of farmland every hour. Why should we care?  Well, to begin… No farms = no food.

Pictured is Trapper standing on what should have been 140 acres of newly developed homes. Thanks to the folks at Forterra, this land was fought for and sold to Andrew with a conservation easement – meaning it’s permanently protected from real estate development. This is huge. Farmers have no chance competing for land when in contest with a developer. This makes farmland an easy target despite the long term consequences of pouring concrete over rich soil. Farms don’t just exist where they do by sheer happenstance, but for the resources the land yields. It’s difficult to see the consequences of our actions until we’re living within them – and our actions are quickly catching up with us. For more info and ways to help in Washington State, check out | Happy belated earth day. 

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