In The Blood, Band of Brothers

AAshare-43Melissa Jean Trucking – a dump trucking business Andrew started with Ryan and Shawn. Andrew named the business after his wife. “I’m a bit scared about it because it’s a new industry to me but they are really, really good guys. You just gotta surround yourself with good people.” | Pictured is Tanner eating lunch before getting back to cleaning the truck. Buddy waits for scraps.


AAshare-57“My guys go to battle for me. I always  *starts to chuckle* consider myself like Mel Gibson in We Were Soldiers. The first one on the battle field and the last one to leave. These are my guys, ya know, my men! That’s my attitude. We’re out there in battle, its like a war on everything – mother nature, equipment, we’re getting it done and winning. I always try and make sure they know they’re appreciated.”


AAshare-63AAshare-64AAshare-65AAshare-66Andrew recognizes the importance of relationship – the work they take and the fun they can be.  “The days we go till 10pm and then drink till 11pm. Those are my favorite times on the farm.”


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