In The Blood, A Pleasant Problem

When I began my story on Andrew Albert, a young farmer in Arlington, WA,  I was immersed into a way of life completely new to me. This was the point, of course. I wanted to document what I had yet to understand. What I didn’t expect was to fall so deeply in love with this story so quickly. That was a mistake on my part considering I just finished up a story with Jeffrey Martin, a singer songwriter out of Portland, and had a similar experience. I’ve come to learn that when you involve yourself in someone else’s story, and I mean really involve yourself, you can’t help but fall for it. It’s the beauty of a human story. I care a tremendous amount of honoring one’s story with excellence – in my writing, photography, and presence. My mistake was not preparing to tell the story in such a way.

It became clear to me very soon after beginning In The Blood that there was just too many facts and insights to cram onto social media (I also apologize for my attempt to do so). As my time on the farm carried on, the info kept coming with no place to go. This created a deep reservoir with no outlet. So, with much internal conflict, I’ve decided to create a home for the story here on WordPress. I don’t appreciate most of the blogging culture, but when you’ve fallen in love with a story, you’ll do just about anything to help it be heard. It’s worth my pride.

To whoever it may concern, thank you for reading this and choosing to follow along. I hope this story can be entertaining and, more importantly, encouraging to you.

With Hope,

Matthew W. Kennelly

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