In The Blood, 1953

AAshare-2The Albert’s farm house, built in 1915. The Alberts have farmed in the Stillaguamish River Valley since 1953. After 40 years of dairy farming, the family began the transition into becoming a crop farm. Today, a third generation Albert, Andrew Albert, operates the crop farm focusing on quality forage for livestock. 


AAshare-29Andrew plans the day as his predecessor, his Dad, keeps in the shade. Since 2003 at 19 years old, Andrew has expanded the operation from less than 100 acres to more than 1,000. Today, at 33, he is one of the most respected farmers in his area. 

AAshare-6“Hop in!” Andrew yells from his pickup. I scramble and jump into the passenger seat – we’re off. It may be that Andrew is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet or he’s too busy to waste time breaking down the wall between strangers and acquaintances – it was as if I’d hopped into my good pals truck. We went so quickly into conversation that I had forgotten to record the first couple of minutes. It was a beautiful sunny day sandwiched between rain storms. It was a day of tension with work to be done but only achievable if the rain were to hold off for another 48 hours. “It must be frustrating not having anything to blame but the weather?” I asked. “It is but that’s farming. There’s not a lot of us farmers left so we all call and kinda cry to each other.” Andrew says laughing. 

AAshare-5.jpgDanny, a 21 year old field hand, securing the hay for a delivery to an alpaca farm. 

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